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World AIDS Day (Dec. 1st, 2009)

World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1.

This worldwide effort is designed to: encourage public support and programming to prevent the spread of HIV infection; provide awareness and education about HIV/AIDS; and demonstrate compassion for those infected or affected by HIV.

World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988 after a summit of health ministers from around the world called for a spirit of social tolerance and a greater exchange of information on HIV/AIDS. Each year, a theme is chosen for World AIDS Day to unite the global effort to face the challenges of the AIDS pandemic. In 1996, UNAIDS was created to unite 6 global agencies in their response to HIV/AIDS. Today, UNAIDS has designated the organization, World AIDS Campaign, to oversee World AIDS Day.

The World AIDS Campaign – the international sponsor for World AIDS Day, is pleased to announce that the theme for 2007 and 2008 is “leadership” to help encourage strong and committed leadership on AIDS within all levels and sectors of society to assure universal access to treatment, care, support and prevention services. This theme will be promoted under the overall campaign slogan from the last two years of, “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.” Specific localities are encouraged to develop their own relevant themes and messages for their areas under this main global theme and slogan.

Since the first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981, infection with HIV has grown to pandemic proportions, resulting in an estimated 65 million infections and over 25 million deaths. HIV continues to disproportionately affect certain geographic regions (e.g., sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean) and subpopulations (e.g., women in sub-Saharan Africa, men who have sex with men, injection-drug users, and sex workers). Comprehensive programs are needed to reach all persons who require treatment and to prevent transmission of new infections.

WSCHS will have HIV rapid testing and promotional activities in the lobby of our clinic, please come and check out what staff have prepared!





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