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Minnesota AIDS Walk (Mar. 29th, 2010)

Participate in this year’s AIDS Walk on Saturday, May 16, in Minnehaha Park.

The Women and Families Network, has organized a team to participate in the 23rd annual Minnesota AIDS Walk. The proceeds from this event will serve to fund HIV education and prevention programs in communities state wide. What is so awesome about contributing to this cause is that each team that walks on behalf of an HIV/AIDS service entity will raise money for their program; the Minnesota Aids Project will award the first $2500 raised by a team back to it’s organization. The Women and Families Network will use these funds to support community building activities and educational workshops for families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Please support team WFN by going online to visit our team page and making a donation, all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation please do so by clicking this link and selecting the walker you would like to support. A donation of any amount is welcome and, if you prefer, a cash donation can be accepted in person by all team members.

If you are interested in joining team WFN and walking with us, please visit the AIDS Walk home page . From there, click on the “search for a walker or team” tab in the upper right corner then type WFN in the search option.

Your support will be greatly appreciated and is promised to bring an increased level of opportunity for engagement in the community for HIV-positive women in our locale.




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