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Participate in the 2010 Minnesota AIDS Trek! (Jul. 29th, 2010)

Help support the 2010 MN AIDS Trek and those in our community living with HIV/AIDS.

Your participation will help fund great organizations like the Women and Families Network. The Women and Families Network, a collaboration of HIV providers and women with HIV, works for comprehensive, quality care for women, youth, and families affected by HIV, to eliminate the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. West Side Community Health Services and the Minnesota AIDS Project co-facilitate the Network.

To learn more about the Trek or how to participate, please visit the Minnesota AIDS trek website at www.mnaidstrek.org.

Be sure to check out the WFN on YouTube!

Participation in the Trek is down this year – down in riders, support crew, and donations. How far down? The Minnesota AIDS Trek may be cancelled. 10 or more riders, 20 more crew members are needed to ensure a safe event, and the financial support YOU bring from family and friends reminded of our fellow community members living with HIV/AIDS.




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