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West Side Dietitian Receives Award (Oct. 25th, 2012)

West Side’s own Registered Dietitian Arlene Becker received the 2012 Bruce Zimmerman Diabetes Award.

West Side’s own Arlene Becker received the 2012 Bruce Zimmerman Diabetes Award (in honor of Dr. Bruce Zimmerman, a diabetes expert, advocate, and leader in the fight against diabetes in Minnesota) to recognize her outstanding work in diabetes prevention across the state of Minnesota and the nation.

Ms. Becker has been a long-standing champion for diabetes prevention through her work as a registered and licensed dietitian working daily with West Side patients, for the state of Minnesota by helping to expand statewide diabetes prevention programs, and nationally, working to shape new diabetes prevention policy and programing. Ms. Becker was presented the award by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Statewide Steering Committee on October 25th at the Many Faces of Community Health Conference in the Twin Cities.

Click here to read more about Ms. Becker and the 2012 Bruce Zimmerman Diabetes Award.




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