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MN Dept of Health Salutes WSCHS Sage Program! (Aug. 1st, 2007)

From the Minnesota Department of Health’s SAGE ADVICE, a newsletter for clinics participating in the Sage Screening Program, providing important current information and program updates:

West Side Community Health Services is the largest community clinic organization in Minnesota, with multiple locations in the metro area. They have been providing multicultural / multilingual health care services to immigrant and low-income communities since 1969. West Side has partnered with the Sage Screening Program since the very beginning also. They have screened 5,506 women since joining the program way back in Feb. 1992. They have detected 25 breast cancers and one invasive cervical cancer, as well as treat-ing 160 pre-cancerous cervical lesions.

Thanks to Bev Rowe & Julissa Rios, without whom the women would not be served! Thanks also to Dora Tyrrel for help with SAGEplus. Dr. Nesvig, the medical director and all the providers have also been so supportive of both the programs there at West Side.

The MDH newsletter can be found here: MDH Sage Advice 8.07




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