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La Clinica Celebrates 3-Year Partnership with Pfizer, Inc. (Aug. 23rd, 2007)

More than 2,200 patients benefit from Pfizer’s Sharing the Care; West Side Community Health Services to expand program to East Side Family Clinic

West Side Community Health Services, whose flagship clinic is known as La Clinica, and Pfizer’s Sharing the Care program celebrates the three-year anniversary of a partnership that provides access to medicines for clinic patients who otherwise could not afford them.

Since joining Pfizer’s Sharing the Care program on August 23, 2004, La Clinica has dispensed more than $851,665 in much-needed medicines to more than 2,200 patients. Without this program, nearly 6,000 unique prescriptions could not have been filled.

“When I was working, I had health insurance to help cover medicines like Lipitor,” said Sylvia Hayes, a La Clinica patient with Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. “But after I lost my job, I no longer had insurance and the money to afford my medicines.” Because of the La Clinica-Pfizer partnership, Hayes has access to the healthcare and medicines she needs to successfully manage her condition. The success of the three-year partnership is prompting West Side Community Health Services, working with Pfizer, to expand the program to East Side Family Clinic in 2008. East Side Family Clinic also serves over 8,000 low-income patients in the St. Paul area. “Pfizer’s Sharing the Care program is transparent and extremely convenient for patients, allowing for immediate access to medicine without having to rely on samples,” said West Side Community Health Services’ pharmacist Dan Rehrauer. “Sharing the Care is one of several programs that are in place at La Clinica so we can offer services to help patients receive the free medicine or sliding scale pricing they need along with education on the medicines they’re taking and information about its proper use.” Pfizer’s Sharing the Care program is part of a larger family of programs called Pfizer Helpful Answers® which helps people without prescription coverage receive free or discounted Pfizer medicines regardless of age or income. Nationally, there are over 430 health centers, including La Clinica, in 49 states participating in Sharing the Care. Since the program’s launch in 1993, Pfizer has donated over $1 billion in free medicines to participating health centers across the country. “We’re extremely proud of the success of our partnership with La Clinica,” said Dr. Dan Wilson, a senior medical director for Pfizer in Minnesota. “Sharing the Care is just one way Pfizer is helping patients across the state. In the past year alone, more than 8,400 uninsured patients in Minnesota received over $5.3 million in free or low-income medicines through Pfizer Helpful Answers®.”




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