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WSCHS Celebrates National Community Health Center Week! (Aug. 5th, 2008)

In celebration of National Health Center Week 2008, West Side Community Health Services will offer week-long health and information fairs at the West Side clinic (La Clinica) located at 153 Cesar Chavez Street, and at the East Side Family Clinic located at 860 Arcade Street in St. Paul. During the week, the clinics will focus on specific themes, such HIV/STDs, diabetes, prenatal care, vaccinations, women’s health, heart health, asthma, depression, and stress management. Specialists will deliver educational information and share knowledge about the specific day’s topic.

In addition, free glucose testing, free HIV testing, and St. Paul Public School placement will be provided at designated times throughout the week. The public is invited to visit the clinic for information, services, fun activities, and prizes. For more information, click here to read our press release. or to see our flyer in English or Spanish.




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