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TV Program "Individual & Family Preparedness" airs in 6 languages (Feb. 15th, 2007)

Tune in Sunday night for Spanish, Hmong and Vietnamese ECHO shows on Channel 17

FEB 18 and 25: ECHO TV: “INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY PREPAREDNESS” airs in 6 languages

Sunday, February 18, broadcast in Spanish (8:00 pm), Hmong (8:20 pm) and Vietnamese (8:40 pm) Sunday, February 25, broadcast in Lao (8:00 pm), Khmer (8:20 pm) and Somali (8:40 pm)

Every year, in every season, we hear about disasters that take people’s homes and lives. We watch pictures of the destruction on television news. And still, most of us don’t believe that such events could happen where we live. Disasters can strike anywhere. Tornadoes, floods, chemical spills even nuclear power accidents and acts of terrorism*are real possibilities that we must prepare for. There are two simple steps to help you survive. Neither of them is difficult. Learn about them this month on ECHO TV.

In February the premiering ECHO TV topic will be ” “Individual and Family Preparedness”. The program will inform people about what to do in the event of an emergency, how to make a plan and make a survival kit.

ECHO guests for this topic include:

Officer Pam Barragan, St. Paul Police Department (Spanish) Officer David Yang, St. Paul Police Department (Hmong)
Sally Newbury, Twin Cities Area Red Cross(formerly), Hoa Young, Interpreter (Vietnamese) Deputy Phouthaivanh Sourignavong, Dakota County Sheriff’s Dept.
Officer Sery (Tony) Pich, Ramsey County Deputy (Khmer)
Yayhe Mohamed, Community Outreach Coordinator, Twin Cities Area Red Cross”, (Somali)

Sunday, February 18 , broadcast in Spanish (8:00 pm), Hmong (8:20 pm) and Vietnamese (8:40 pm) Sunday, February 25 , broadcast in Lao (8:00 pm), Khmer (8:20 pm) and Somali (8:40 pm)

All on Twin Cities Public Television, Channel 17.

ECHO exists to assure the health and safety of all Minnesotans by ensuring that people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) receive life-saving health and safety information. It is a supplement to existing emergency preparedness plans with some important differences. Working collaboratively with local and state public health agencies and ethnic community organizations, ECHO’s mission is to educate LEP populations on health and safety preparedness now, so that in a real crisis they are ready to act.

Now in its second year, ECHO includes a monthly TV show produced in six languages, a web site (www.echominnesota.org) in seven languages, a 10-language health advisory and emergency alert phone line
(1.888.883.8831) and an emergency bulletin distribution service.

All ECHO TV programs premiere on Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) Channel 17 and then are replayed on the ECHO website and cable stations throughout the state. To view ECHO programs on line and for a current schedule of upcoming topics visit the ECHO website at www.echominnesota.org.

For information contact: Edie French, Minnesota Department of Health Special Populations Coordinator at Edie.French@health.state.mn.us or 651.491.7974.




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