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Family Support & Mental Health Counseling

Many clients and patients at WSCHS are immigrant parents and their children. The everyday stress for these families involves finding food, housing, transportation, health care, employment and education in a foreign culture. The children learn English more quickly than their parents and begin to serve as interpreters. This includes talking to teachers and health care providers, and negotiating business and other transactions. This reverses the role of parent and child, with the child now in the dominant/controlling position. The parents, already overwhelmed with many other issues, have their self-esteem diminished and are even less able to deal with their children. Lacking money and other resources, they become frustrated. Some turn to drugs and alcohol. Some do not always discipline their children in positive ways. Some develop mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. When you need help to cope with these issues, you can seek out our family support and mental health counseling resources.

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