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Diabetes Care

Our diabetes program provides routine and comprehensive care for patients with diabetes. We offer medical services, dental services, pharmacy services, diabetes education, mental health services, nutrition assessment and counseling.

Our program is based on a self-management philosophy. We value our patients and recognize that patients play a principal role in planning educational needs. Our aim is to offer patients the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve and maintain good health in a caring environment.

Contact: Call Sara Hyland at (651) 389-2533 for questions and information about the La Clinica location and Xee Xiong Vang at (651) 793-2293 for the East Side and McDonough locations.

I CAN Prevent Diabetes Classes
Learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent diabetes in this 16-week diabetes prevention program. Groups will meet with a trained facilitator once a week to help participants lose weight, eat healthier foods and increase physical activity. Call Arlene Becker at (651) 389.2456 for information on class schedules and fees.

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