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Executive and Program Leadership

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Mary Nesvig, MD

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Maier, MD

Dental Director
Brad McDonnell, DDS

Chief Finanical Officer
Blake Darsow, CPA, MBA

Chief Operating Officer/Corporate Compliance
Chris Singer, MAN, RN, CPHQ

Director of Nursing & Medical Support Services
Lynn Janssen, RN, BSN, PHN

Human Resources Director
Catherine Mensing

Information Systems Manager
Kris Sarkilahti

Medical Director - East Side & McDonough
Michelle Van Vranken
, MD

Medical Director - LaClinica
Sara Maier
, MD

Medical Director - Quality and Research
Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, MD, MA

Director - Health Care for the Homeless
Helene Freint

Director - Health Start School Based Clinics
Shawna Hedlund, MPH

Clinic Manager - East Side Family Clinic
April Arnold, RN

Clinic Manager - LaClinica
Karla Stallings, RN

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651-602-7500 • info@westsidechs.org